• Marieholmstunnel Hydrauvision

    Marieholmstunnel Göteborg

    The river Göta Älv runs straight through the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. In order to relieve the pressure on the heavily congested Tingsta tunnel, an additional tunnel is being built: the Marieholm tunnel. All major highways in Gothenburg will use the new Marieholm tunnel to reduce congestion on local roads.

  • Piling Template
    United Kingdom

    Piling templates Port of Dover

    For the construction of a new marina on the west side of Dover Harbour, hundreds of steel piles are needed to be driven into the seabed using a hydraulic hammer. Due to the very large number of piles, there was invested in two unique, innovative piling templates to be able to place them in the right position at a faster pace. In cooperation with TWD, Hydrauvision took care of the engineering, production and installation of all hydraulic components and associated piping.

  • Hydraulic power unit Icemann

    HydrauPack Icemann

    Ampelmann developed a new Walk-to-Work system called "Icemann", specially designed for safe and efficient transfer of crew in extremely cold conditions up to -28 degrees Celsius (-18F). Because these extreme temperatures are too low for hydraulic oil, Hydrauvision devised a solution where the system is in temperature within two hours and can be used safely.

  • winch 80 ton

    Multifunctional winch 80 ton

    These winches have been especially designed and built for a company that specialises in lifting heavy loads. The winches are used to control the load in the horizontal direction. The maximum pulling force of the winches is 80 tons on the first layer with a maximum storage capacity of 960 m of 52 mm cable in 8 layers. The winches are certified for offshore lifting in accordance with DNV 2.7-3.

  • Hosereel

    Hosereel drives with spooling device for ILT's

    Hydraulic internal lifting tools and hydraulic shackles are used by using large cranes on-board of the 'Thialf' Deepsea Crane Vessel. This equipment must be provided with hydraulic energy. Hydrauvision was instructed to deliver hydraulically driven hose reels and hydraulic power units (HPUs).

  • Reel Drive System

    Redundant reel drive system

    The project comprises a reel drive system. This is a machine that drives a reel that has an umbilical cable. 

  • Hydraulic power unit

    Dedicated hydraulic powerpack for soil sampling

    Hydrauvision designed, built and delivered a hydraulic power unit (HPU) with specific functions for a Fugro Large Piston Corer (FLPC) at the instructions of an engineering company. This is a device that can be used for soil sampling. This usually takes place in a marine environment.

  • active drag head

    Hydraulic control system for active drag head

    Hydrauvision build a hydraulic control system for a dredger at the instructions of DEME. This concerned the position control of cylinders of water flaps and a sight glass on an active drag head. 

  • 5-voudige luchtkoeling

    Air cooler system

    One of the largest producers of steel awarded the contract to Hydrauvision halfway through 2016 to design, build and install an oil/air cooler system. This replaces the existing oil/water cooler system for the hydraulic servo-drive of the bending roll. The required cooler capacity was set at 250 kW at a temperature difference between the oil entry and the air entry of only 12 °C with an oil flow of 1200 l/minute.