The project

Hydrauvision has designed and built a large water transport system for Ghent city centre fire-fighting zone. This unique mobile system is built to customer specifications and can be used to extinguish large fires with water or foam. The entire system consists of a pump container, foam container and two hose containers. All containers are equipped with a hook lift system so that they can easily be transported on a truck equipped with a hook lift.

Our approach

The pump container contains a hydraulically driven floating pump that can be transported to a water extraction site. It supplies water to the 515 kW diesel-powered booster pump in the container which, at a speed of 1900 RPM, has a fire-extinguishing capacity of 12,000 litres per minute at 12 bar. The pump container features four connections to which DN 200 hoses can be attached. These hoses are towed out of the hose containers, which have an available volume for 6000 meters of 200 mm hose. After unrolling the hose, it is possible to automatically store it back in the hose container by means of a hydraulically driven hose pick-up device.  The floating pump can be returned to the pump container using a winch then stored in it. The design also includes a foam injection system consisting of three proportioners that are fed from a hydraulically driven foam pump.