Electrauvision is the division within Hydrauvision that specializes in the design, programming and commissioning of electrical drive and control systems. Within our team of dedicated programmers and engineers, the communication lines are short and the knowledge of the end product is profound. With this team we are passionately involved in every project where the focus lies at the customer’s demands. And with each project, we contribute to a future towards a zero-emission world. Contact us¬†for more information about the possibilities.

Customized electrical systems

We design, program and implement efficient, DC-based, custom electric drive lines. There are few secrets in the electrical field for our team of programmers and engineers, so we know how to answer every customer request. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can design, program and commission not only all-electric, but also parallel hybrid, series hybrid or diesel-electric powertrains. We develop and realize a wide range of systems and services, such as:

  • System design and supply of all-electric systems, as well as series and parallel hybrid systems in ships, vehicles, mobile equipment, stationary equipment and heavy duty machinery
  • Supply of parts with or without engineering
  • Commissioning and service
  • Energy management systems
  • Test facility
  • Product and system training

These systems and services are finding their way into mainly the marine industry and heavy duty machinery.

Unique testing grounds

We have access to unique testing grounds featuring both AC and DC load banks. The testing location features two testing grounds; one permanent setup and a FAT setup. This allows us to build a replica of part of a ship or machine, so we can simulate and test its functionality.

Electrification is the future

Electric propulsion and control systems deliver up to 27% higher productivity, 25% lower fuel consumption and 10 to 30% lower maintenance costs than their non-electric counterparts. Add to that increasingly stringent emissions regulations, and it is easy to conclude that electrification of propulsion and control systems holds a large part of the future in shipping and heavy duty machinery. And we have already been working for a long time to make that future as efficient and effective as possible.

Committed partner with profound knowledge

We are aware that in our working environment speed, involvement and expertise are important factors for success. We are a team that attaches great importance to these factors and to cooperation, because we know that we cannot bring a project to a successful conclusion without close consultation with the client. That’s why, before we start, we always look for the client’s exact wishes and sector-related requirements. We then set to work in a passionate and flexible manner, always keeping the client involved through continuous communication. And then we don’t just focus on the design and commissioning of smart drive systems, but we also advise on all peripheral matters involved.


After commissioning your electric and/or hybrid-electric systems, it is important to keep them up-to-date and in good condition. We therefore offer comprehensive service and maintenance services even after a completed project.

Do you have a question about the potential of electric drive and control systems and are you looking for customized solutions? Then you have found the right place. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.