Hydrauvision Rental is the place to go for hydraulic powerpacks and winches, among other products. We offer flexibility, availability and cost management options. All of the above is combined with quick, worldwide service. That way, you can always rely on high-quality equipment, wherever you are, without the need for towering investments or worries about storage, maintenance and certification.

Rental fleet

Hydrauvision operates worldwide. Our unique rental fleet is instantly available. This allows us to deliver our products anywhere in the world, both onshore and offshore. Hydrauvision offers a flexible response to virtually any request for (additional) hydraulic capacity and solutions. We provide 24/7 mobilization, installation and commissioning of our advanced hydraulic systems. Our mechanics are offshore certified and have broad knowledge of and experience with the rental fleet. The offshore frames are also inspected and built with DNV 2.7 certification. It goes without saying that we take care of the maintenance of our installations during the entire duration of the project.

Custom rental solutions

We offer custom rental solutions including modification for your project. If necessary, our service engineers will commission the equipment on site. Maintenance is included and is realised rapidly and expertly. Our hydraulic equipment is developed and assembled in-house. Thanks to our rental solutions, you can always count on the reliability and availability of your equipment. We provide advice and suggestions for your project based on our own extensive operational experience.

  • Custom rental solutions
  • Hydraulic powerpacks and winches
  • 24/7 worldwide service
  • Maintenance included

Hydraulic powerpacks

HydrauPack has a special place in our assortment. These are electrically or diesel driven hydraulic powerpacks. They have a capacity varying from 15 to 1500 kW and, thanks to the modular concept, can easily be linked to achieve the required capacity.

Our powerpacks are used for projects in the following sectors, among others:

Hydraulic winches

Our rental fleet consists of a wide assortment of advanced hydraulic winches, varying from 10 to 80 tonnes. The winches are configured, equipped and tested in our workplace and testing ground, all tuned to your project. The winches are equipped with certified specific winch cables and are carefully wound and pretensioned. The also have wired and radio remote control. Advanced functions, such as synchronisation, active or passive CT (Constant Tensioning) and AHC (Active Heave Compensations) are also available.

Check our rental assortment and all technical specifications of our equipment here.

Hydraulic Engineering

As a customer of Hydrauvision, you can of course rely on certified and fully maintained quality equipment. But we offer more. Much of our hydraulic equipment is developed and built in-house. Our team of engineers will be happy to advise you and is always available for technical support.

Do you need service or advice from our engineers? Contact us, we are happy to help!