In samenwerking met Snocom ontwerpt Hydrauvision een innovatieve sneeuwmachine die op een snelle en efficiƫntie manier sneeuw kan verladen in een vrachtwagen.

Snocom snowcuber Innovative snowmachine

About the Snowcuber

Thanks to special compression technology, air is forced out of the snow, drastically reducing its volume. This compresses the amount of snow by up to a factor of two and thus also the number of transports. Less truck traffic means lower operating costs and fewer CO2 emissions. The Snowcuber can easily clear all types of snow. The impeller effortlessly launches wet snow into the compression module. The Snowcuber can load 14 trucks per hour, or one truck every 4 minutes.

Snocom snowcuber Innovative snowmachine


  • Volume reduction of 50%
  • 50% less transport
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Reduced costs
Snocom snowcuber Innovative snowmachine


The snowcuber can be used in many ways on many fronts. It is widely used in cities, ports, airports and industrial environments. Unlike other snow machines, the snowcuber is more efficient, safer and has a controlled loading system. We can provide you with the ideal solution for any situation. It is the ultimate cost and time-saving solution that also helps reduce emissions and transports. The added benefit is that it also saves a lot of money on hiring trucks. These features provide a valuable business case.