The project

That is why we have developed the new winch spooler, HydrauTool Spooler 25/50. It is used to evenly wind a winch cable across the full width of a drum. And not only the cable diameters differ, the pulling force varies greatly as well: Hydrauvision Rental has a series of winches, from several tons of pulling force up to the 80-ton versions. An advanced winding system was therefore needed.

Our approach

The new spooler is electronically controlled. According to DIN standards, the fleet angle may not exceed 2 degrees. This was also practice-inspired. The guidance consists of a cell comprising two rollers and a feeler. This electronic feeler measures the angle and ensures that the cell moves more or less according to the desired angle. The spindle is in-between the two rollers and is hydraulically driven. The HydrauTool Spooler 25/50 was specifically made for the Hydrauvision Rental 25- and 50-ton winches with the same footprint. In other words, the connections and standardised. The spooler frame is a crash frame, i.e. a protective frame and DNV2.7-3 tested (lifting in offshore).

Striking detail: The spoolers can also be connected to “other” winches, on the condition that the size will approximately match. In short, the new spooler is multifunctional. Normally, a maximum angle of 17 degrees is used with the full pulling force of a 50-ton winch; but, depending on various factors, an angle of 30 degrees can be used for smaller pulling forces on the cable.