The project

Floating cranes such as Crane 10 transfer cargoes from a large vessel to smaller ships, barges or the quayside. The hoisting winches on the pontoon were originally equipped with Sauer Danfoss SPV (series 20) pumps. These pumps have been out of production (including spare parts) for quite some time. These pumps were replaced with modern Danfoss H1 pumps to ensure operational reliability.

Our approach

We modified the hydraulic system to seamlessly integrate the new pumps by revamping the hydraulic hoses and piping. The electrical control of the H1 pumps required a completely different approach. Technotron redesigned the electrical system, modified the electrical controls and placed new housings on top of the deck to control the HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit). The old control box of the HPU was retained. Thanks to a new mounting plate and optimized components, the modification was carried out efficiently.

Due to the excellent cooperation between Hydrauvision, Technotron and Ovet, the entire system was operational again within a week. This smooth coordination of efforts not only increased efficiency but also significantly improved the operational reliability of Crane 10.