The project

In total, the delivery consisted of two hydraulically driven reels for each crane. They can be connected mechanically should there be a drive fault or failure. The hydraulic power units have also been supplied redundantly. This ensures that the reel can continue to operate at half speed in case there is a fault with regard to the pump set. Everything has been built under DNV classification.

Our approach

The reels have a single-sided ball bearing drum with external toothing. The square planetary reduction box with hydraulic axial piston motor provides the drive. A special roller fairlead has been developed to ensure that the hoses are guided neatly from the drum to the drawback pulley in the crane. It will roll up the hose fully automatically on to the drum. For the drive of the roller fairlead a drive was developed that can operate in the different modes. Fully automatically where the rolling-up angle of the hose is measured on the drum. Semi automatically where the position of the roller fairlead is controlled by measuring both positions electronically in comparison with the drum. Manually.

The reel was provided with a redundant proportional valve with proportional electric control for the reel drive, drive of the roller fairlead and the drive of the ILT and hydraulic shackle. A special feature is also that the system can run on, for example, the biodegradable oil type Oceanic HW Fluid. Hydrauvision has developed multiport rotary unions especially for these reels.