The project

For a long time there has been a wish for the right units in addition to the two cranes on board of Heerema’s SLEIPNIR. These units should drive the ILT’s (Internal Lifting Tools) and other tools.

Especially for the SLEIPNIR, Hydrauvision designed and built a high speed double hose reel for each crane. These hose reels contain an integrated 144 kW electrically driven hydraulic power unit.
Full control and surveillance of the spread and the attached ILT’s is possible through the included consoles in the control cabins. The automation level fits the advanced character of the SLEIPNIR.

Our approach

With the addition of the hose reel/EHPU spreads, the SLEIPNIR is now able to extremely speed up the lifting operations of some parts. Besides the higher speed, the cranes are now also safer to work with, because less riggers are needed in extreme positions.