The Snowcuber is an innovative snow machine that can quickly and efficiently load snow into a truck.

Thanks to special compression technology, air is squeezed out of the snow, drastically reducing its volume. This compresses the amount of snow by up to a factor of two and, consequently, the number of transports. Less truck traffic means lower operating costs and fewer CO2 emissions.

The Snowcuber can easily clear all types of snow. The impeller effortlessly launches wet snow into the compression module.

To ensure that the Snowcuber can be installed on different tractors, we use the ISObus network present on the tractor. The driver does not have to leave the truck cabin to empty the Snowcuber due to clogged snow. The compressor can be easily emptied when the direction of rotation of the auger is reversed. This makes the Snowcuber a lot safer and easier to use than traditional snow machines.

The power unit is an external and independent unit that does not require the hydraulic power of the tractor. The unit has a powerful and stable hydraulic flow, a hydraulic cooling unit and is controlled by the rear PTO. The various hydraulic components all work independently of each other, so there will never be a complete shutdown of the Snowcuber.