The project

To reduce the noise emissions, caused by driving monopiles into the seabed, a Noise Mitigation System (NMS) was designed by DEME Offshore NV.

This NMS consists of a screen with ballast box, which can be lowered to- and hoisted from the seabed by 14 hydraulic-operated winches, mounted on 14 support frames. These frames are installed around the pile gripper system.

Our solution

Hydrauvision designed the hydraulic installation of these winches, as well as the swell compensation, the wire cutter and the piping. Technotron provided the control cabinets and all electrical wiring of the support frames.

To determine the proportional speed of the winches, we supplied PVG valves. Passive swell compensators, installed on all support frames, will keep the cables tensioned. In case of an emergency, the cables can be cut by the hydraulic operated wire cutter. Each wire cutter is equipped with an accumulator which provides the required oil pressure when the main oil pressure is not available.

Hydrauvision service engineers assisted in the commissioning of the support frames on board HLV Orion.