• Bravenes van oord skidding system

    Skidding System for Bravenes

    Van Oord is a leader in underwater rock placement (SRI - Subsea rock installation). This is done using a fall-pipe vessel. SRI vessel Bravenes is a unique new ship within the Van Oord fleet. The ship, with a dead weight of 14,000 tonnes, can be used for the placement of a wide range of rock sizes. The skidding system is a component that facilitates placing rocks at any location.

  • Reel Drive System

    Redundant reel drive system

    The project comprises a reel drive system. This is a machine that drives a reel that has an umbilical cable. 

  • Hydraulic power unit

    Dedicated hydraulic powerpack for soil sampling

    Hydrauvision designed, built and delivered a hydraulic power unit (HPU) with specific functions for a Fugro Large Piston Corer (FLPC) at the instructions of an engineering company. This is a device that can be used for soil sampling. This usually takes place in a marine environment.

  • active drag head

    Hydraulic control system for active drag head

    Hydrauvision build a hydraulic control system for a dredger at the instructions of DEME. This concerned the position control of cylinders of water flaps and a sight glass on an active drag head. 

  • Tugger winch

    Multifunctional winch 20 ton

    This project includes the design and build of 2 tugger winches. The winches have a pulling power of 20 tons. They are build under the following class: 'LR Code Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment'. The winches have three different operating modes:

    1. Tugger (horizontal heaving/lowering) with a 20 ton capacity
    2. Constant tension (CT) with a 20 ton capacity
    3. Lifting with a 12.5 ton capacity.