• Offshore

    Service en Maintenance 270 ton Mooring spread

    Heerema Marine Contractors commissioned Hydrauvision to carry out service and maintenance on the 270 ton Mooring Spread.

  • he-dop200-is-powered-by-a-separate-power-pack_1.jpg

    DOP200 dredge pump for precision dredging

    Together with Damen Dredging equipment, Hydrauvision Rental offers hydraulic powerpacks in combination with a complete range of heavy-duty and cost-effective submersible dredge pumps. The compact Damen DOP pumps are directly powered by a hydraulic motor, mounted in a protective casing. 

  • Marieholmstunnel Hydrauvision

    Marieholmstunnel Göteborg

    The river Göta Älv runs straight through the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. In order to relieve the pressure on the heavily congested Tingsta tunnel, an additional tunnel is being built: the Marieholm tunnel. All major highways in Gothenburg will use the new Marieholm tunnel to reduce congestion on local roads.

  • Hydraulic Hammer Umbilical Winch Spread
    Oil & Gas

    Hydraulic Hammer Umbilical Winch Spread

    To install offshore platforms, foundation or mooring piles are driven into the sea floor. These piles are installed with a hydraulic hammer at water depths of up to 1,500 meters or more. Hydrauvision is in charge of the engineering and production of a set of winches for storing the hydraulic hoses, control cable and compressed air connector for this hammer. The set consists of 2 electric hydraulic winches for storing 500 meters of 4" flexible piping and 2 winches for storing the control cable and compressed air hose.

  • HydrauRent

    Multifunctional winch spooler also winds "other" winches

    Considering the fact that the pulling force of our rental winches differ each time, the mechanical winding method - by means of a grooved spindle construction, whereby the cable is wound by means of a parallel movement from left to right and vice versa, is not suitable.

  • HydrauRent

    Venice saved from ruin

    To protect the Netherlands against the rising of the sea level, the Delta Works have been built -according to the American Society of Civil Engineers one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Hydrauvision, who also contributed to the development of the Delta Works, once again was asked to collaborate in a similarly major project - this time in Venice.

  • Hydrauvision

    Successful installation RSS tower in Australia

    An extensive gas field has been discovered off the North-West coast of Australia, in the Timor Sea. To mine this liquid natural gas a floating, semi-submersible platform was built. The LNG is extracted by means of a number of hoses called umbilicals. Hydrauvision has contributed to this project, called Ichthys, by providing the suction spread - including winches, hoses and water pumps. The Ichthys project is one of the largest LNG projects in the world.