• Renewable energy
  • Netherlands
  • May 2020

Climbing Crane

We are currently working on the ‘Climbing Crane LCC140’ project: This climbing crane was designed for the installation of the various components of wind turbines.

About the Project

The Climbing Crane (the world's first independently climbing crane), was designed for the installation of the modular steel tower, the nacelle, the generator, the hub and the blades of the new EP5 wind turbine by Enercon. The crane can climb segments of the tower and install the next segment.

About our Solution

Hydrauvision is a project partner for the engineering and delivery of the entire hydraulic installation, the hydraulic power unit, powered by Danfoss Editron permanent magnet electric engines, the manifolds with proportional valves and all piping. The regulations (FDS) for the management and operation of the hydraulic part of the crane are part of our engineering activities as well.

Test phase
In early May, the on-site testing work began, and the crane was assembled. In order to test the functionality of the crane, four tower sections were placed. The crane will be attached to these tower sections, after which functional tests will be performed with the crane. These tests will continue until October 2020. After the successful completion of the tests, the crane will immediately be deployed at projects in the Netherlands.

Watch the Impression