HydrauWinch 50 CT

50 mton winch, fitted in a hoisting frame. The HydrauWinch 50 CT can be both locally and remotely operated.

  • Local operation:
    – manual operated pay in/out
  • Remote operation:
    – joystick for winch control
    – constant tension control
    – load indication
    – wire length indication
    – double speed
    – free fall

For remote operation the HydrauWinch 50 CT can be provided with a portable operators panel. The HydrauWinch 50 CT is provided wire length measurement. The wire length is displayed on the operators panel. Wire length zeroing function is provided. Control functions for CT operation are integrated in the operators panel, Bump less shifting between CT and normal operation is provided. A fail safe band brake ensures safe operation.

Recommended CT maximum is approx. 50% of the maximum line pull.


  • Very compact design with high performance
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Built-on valves provided, no extra components are needed
  • Provided for Constant Tensioning operation, CT performance and accuracy on request