• Offshore
  • June 2017

HydrauPack Icemann

Ampelmann developed a new Walk-to-Work system called "Icemann", specially designed for safe and efficient transfer of crew in extremely cold conditions up to -28 degrees Celsius (-18F). Because these extreme temperatures are too low for hydraulic oil, Hydrauvision devised a solution where the system is in temperature within two hours and can be used safely.

About the Project

Hydrauvision developed a hydraulic Power Unit suitable for extremly cold conditions. Working under extreme conditions takes a toll on the equipment. Temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius require a hydraulic system with suitable components and special start-up procedures.


About our Solution

The hydraulic oil is heated gradually. Once it is at the right temperature, small amounts of oil are pumped through the system to gradually bring the different components to the right temperature as well. This prevents damage to the system when it is started up in extreme cold. Our service engineers used their experience to create a system that is easy to operate and maintain. 

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