With the market introduction of the new range mobile fuel separation units under the name CentriFuel, Hydrauvision has a world first. CentriFuel makes it possible to refuel directly from the bunker supply. This means less risk of shutdowns, limitation of excessive engine wear and direct cost savings on filters when it comes to temporary use of diesel engines in the offshore, mining and maritime sectors. The CentriFuel units, which make additional fuel filters unnecessary, guarantee an optimal separation of diesel, water and pollution. CentriFuel even separates emulsified water and thus provides exceptionally clean fuel this way. The units clean and drain away water from fuel both in accordance with EN590 and MGO and are available in four models.

The CentriFuel range is the result of closely listening to what the market wants. “We have identified bottlenecks in the use of diesel engines on deck of, for example, ships, pontoons, barges and floating docks,” explains Elbert van den Brink of Hydrauvision. “The diesel oil, after all, cannot be used straight from the bunker, but must first be additionally filtered. In addition to the risk of shutdowns, this also leads to considerable costs because the filters have to be regularly replaced. In the future, the share of biological fuel will also be considerably increased, which entails more problems with bacterial and algae growth. This inconvenience is something from the past with CentriFuel. The separation unit ensures clean diesel on deck. All engines on deck can be easily topped up by using the tank gun and a reel with a 20 metre fuel hose.

Can also be used with emulsified fuel

The separation unit consists of two tanks of which one for contaminated diesel and the other for clean diesel. A centrifuge is used to clean the dirty fuel. Solid contaminants are collected in the separator bowl that can be easily cleaned with a specific regularity. The water flows away into a sludge tank including the bacteria and algae. We have, of course, included a level indicator for this. The separation unit itself is equipped with the required protections and alarms. “What is special is that our solution also works with emulsified fuel with regard to both EN 590 and MDO. The user benefits from this. After all, it is true that filters stop water and dirt, but they do not offer protection against emulsified water and, therefore, the probability of bacterial growth and algal bloom continues to exist but also, for example, rust occurring and poor combustion. These risks also disappear with our CentriFuel units.”

Can be deployed offshore and in maritime environments

The separation unit can be equipped with an offshore frame that meets DNV 2.7-3 requirements and is certified by Lloyd’s Register. The unit can, of course, also be used outside. “It is a perfect addition to the rental of diesel engines, power packs, compressors and generator sets. Often at sea but, of course, also on land.” Hydrauvision has expanded its own rental fleet with a few units. They can be deployed globally. “You can, of course, rent these separation units through HydrauRent. However, customers who would like to purchase this equipment themselves can also come to us.”