This morning it was announced which of the 5 nominees won the Emergo public and jury prize. The Audience Award went to Traas pest control and Hello Container received the Jury Award. Congratulations to the winners!

Of course we are still proud of our nomination with the Bring-to-Work system and want to thank everyone who voted for us in the past weeks!

The innovation: B2W

In the world of motion compensated offshore access systems, developments are ongoing. Hydrauvision, in collaboration with the company Z-Bridge BV, has developed a second innovative way to move from a moving ship at sea to an offshore construction: the B2W system.

After the previously introduced Z-Bridge, a so-called ‘Walk to Work’ system, was successfully used in various projects in the North Sea, the need for a new, more compact and lighter system to transfer people from smaller ships to wind farms arose. This market demand was translated into a solution that met the customer’s requirements, resulting in the B2W system that weighs half as much as the ‘Walk to Work’ system and is fully compensated for ship movements that occur at wind force 6.

The B2W system makes a safe connection from the ship to the offshore construction. Then up to 4 persons are transported in an elevator bucket to the construction over the mast of the system. In addition to the people transfer function, the functionality has been extended to include a crane function. Loads of up to 3 tons can be safely placed from a moving vessel onto a fixed offshore structure due to the active compensation of the foot of the new access system.