HydrauTool Directional Valve

HydrauTool directional valve
Proportional Directional Control Valve
Directional Valves
Max Q
Max P
Single or multiple sections, optional remote control.

The HydrauTool Directional Valve is a proportional directional control valve to operate an open loop hydraulic system actuator (cylinder or hydraulic motor). The directional valve is connected to a HydrauPack or hydraulic power supply. The directional valve can be delivered in several types, being a single section or multiple section valve. Also different flow ranges defines the certain type being a Danfoss PVG, Amca APV, MOV or other type of valve. All the valves can me operated manually by a lever. If required an optional wired remote control can be delivered. Wireless operation on request. Every independent section can be set to an individual max. flow and pressure to the different hydraulic actuators. A main pressure relief valve protects the max. pressure from the HPU. Mainly constant pressure control is used, but load sense (LS) can be also possible depending on the system requirements. The directional valve is built onto a pedestal or into a stainless steel valve box depending on the exact type.


- Proportional flow control for any open loop hydraulic system actuator
- Max. flow and pressure per section adjustable
- Depending on type, multi sectional valves available
- Optional remote control box for operating the directional valve on a easy and safe distance