HydrauPack 200 CL

Diesel-driven stackable hydraulic power unit with a maximum engine power output of 224 kW. The modular HydrauPack units can be combined.

Example 1:
– 2 HydrauPack 200 CL units totals 448 kW.
– footprint dimensions equals 10 ft. container.

Example 2:
– 2 HydrauPack 200 CL units totals 672 kW.
– 1 HydrauSupport 250C hydraulic cooling unit
– footprint dimensions equals 20 ft. container.

Larger hydraulic outputs are possible by combining more HydrauPacks.

Closed loop Hydraulic Power Unit with integrated charge pump and flush valve in the low pressure side of the closed loop. Incl. 2 pressure relief valves in the A and B line of the closed loop. A boost pump is provided to deaerate the closed loop system.

The HydrauPack 200 CL is sound-insulated. The HydrauPack 200 CL is assembled according the EN 12079 including rigging and certified by Lloyd’s Register. The container is provided with both 4 lifting points and integrated forklift-trays to ensure easy handling.


  • Intelligent electronic control system
  • Closed hydraulic circuit with flow control and pressure control
  • Connection for electric remote control by Renter
  • Certified by Lloyd’s Register according to EN12079
  • Offshore certified by Lloyd’s Register acc. DNV 2.7-1
  • Optional additional hydraulic and / or diesel tank
  • Optional additional hydraulic cooling system
  • For transport purposes exhaust pipe can be replaced by blinding plate and stored in HPU