HydrauPack 1500E

Electric-driven Hydraulic Power Unit with a main power of 6 x 267 kW (@ 115% safe overload) 440V-60Hz, with a combined hydraulic output of approx. 1600 kW. The HydrauPack 1500E is divided in two independent sections with each 3 pump sets and its own control system, except for the combined hydraulic oil tank. The HydrauPack 1500E can therefore operate as 800 kW fully redundant or unleash the full 1600 kW.

Each electric motor comprises Danfoss axial piston pumps D1P 260cc and JR 45cc. The cooling fans for temperature-controlled air cooling are hydraulic driven by 2 screw pumps GR70/SMT16B 275cc. The hydraulic main output is combined in six pressure connections with quick connectors.

The HydrauPack 1500E is assembled in a noise-damped Lloyd’s Register certified 20 feet offshore high cube container according DNVGL-ST-E271:2.7-1 rules and CSC, including rigging. The container is provided with both 4 lifting points and integrated forklift pockets to ensure easy handling.

Fully featured with local and remote flow control and proportional pressure control the HydrauPack 1500E can drive an extremely wide range of applications. Making the HydrauPack 1500E the most advanced and flexible high-power asset on deck for your offshore project.


  • Intelligent electronic control system
  • Offshore certified 20 ft. high cube container and rigging according DNVGL-ST-E271:2.7-1 rules and CSC
  • Proportional adjustable pretension return line
  • Air cooling system
  • Open hydraulic circuit with electronic flow and pressure control
  • External emergency stop connection
  • Easy maintenance due to multiple access doors
  • Modular panels