The effects of climate change are becoming more and more visible in our world. In some places, rainfall is less frequent than it used to be, while other places receive more rainfall. But it is also noticeable that the intensity of the rainfall is increasing. Heavy rain is becoming an issue in many places, resulting in flooding of streets, underpasses, tunnels and other low points, often bringing traffic to an abrupt halt.

The mobile pumping systems that Hydrauvision manufactures are designed to effectively fight flooding.

High capacity mobile flood relief systems

Our systems consist of hydraulically-driven submersible pumps, which can be placed in flooded areas and will pump the water away at high flow rates. Submersible pumps have a considerable advantage over conventional drain pumps, as they can be moved over steep terrain, muddy lands, obstacles, and operate a long way from the trailer that drives the pump.

Our flood pumps have a capacity up to 20.000 Liters per minute and weigh less than 130 kgs, but we often we combine several pumps to achieve an even higher flow rate. Smaller and lighter pumps are also available.

Highly mobile

Our systems consist of hydraulically driven submersible pumps that can be placed in a flooded area and then quickly pump out the water. The major advantage of our submersible pumps over conventional submersible pumps is that they can be moved over steep terrain, muddy land and obstacles, and can be deployed at long distances from the trailer from which the pump is driven.

Our submersible pumps have a capacity of up to 20,000 liters per minute and weigh only 130 kg. When several pumps are combined, an even higher capacity can be achieved. However, smaller and lighter pumps are also available.

Do you have a question about our mobile flood systems and are you looking for a ready-made solution? Then Hydrauvision is the right partner for you. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.