Hydrauvision and Danfoss Editron strengthen cooperation.
To further develop the mobile electric powertrain market with Danfoss, Hydrauvision took over the activities of Danfoss Editron in Heerenveen as of June 1th , 2021. This is an important step in shaping the electric future with sustainable electric and hybrid systems.
With this acquisition, Hydrauvision adds a new division to its activities. This division will continue under the name Electrauvision.

Danfoss Editron

We have been offering quality components of the brand Danfoss for many years and now also the electrical components of Danfoss Editron.
Editron is the world’s most sophisticated electric drivetrain system. It is designed, manufactured and supplied by Danfoss Editron. Their unique approach delivers maximum efficiency, reduced size, lighter weight and continuous innovations.
The Editron-system is suitable for hybrid and electrical systems. The software-based approach allows for smarter power distribution management and superior performance in the most demanding situations.

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Permanent magnet technology

Danfoss Editron electric machines are based on permanent-magnet technology. The machines are liquid cooled and designed to operate in harsh operating environments, yet very compact and lightweight. Because the machines are liquid cooled, reliability is guaranteed within a broad ambient temperature range.
This all results in a considerable longer lifespan.

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