Hydrauvision and Global Electrical Solutions team up

Global Electrical Solutions (GES), which specialises in maritime, mobile and industrial electrical solutions, is joining forces with Hydrauvision, a specialist in drive technology. Thanks to GES’ extensive knowledge and experience in the field of electrical systems, engineering, inspections and implementation of innovative electrical solutions, both GES and Hydrauvision intend to further expand their activities within the offshore and maritime market.

Drive technology across the board

This collaboration with GES will further expand and strengthen the electrification section within the organisation. With a view to further developing the mobile electric drive market on the road to zero-emission, Hydrauvision had previously acquired the operations of Danfoss Editron in Heerenveen (now Electrauvision) in 2021. This new collaboration with GES means a major step has been taken towards further defining the transition of sustainable electric and hybrid drives within the offshore and maritime sector.

Hydrauvision has also recently increased its stake in Technotron so as to play a significant role in the entire drive technology and automation chain. Technotron specialises in the engineering and production of electrical control cabinets and industrial automation.
The combination of high-quality engineering, inventiveness, solution focus, production and test facilities allows Hydrauvision to provide its clients with optimal solutions.

Hydrauvision operates in various sectors developing electric, hydraulic and combined drives for special applications and support of its clients in the implementation of drive-technical solutions. This latest move sees a strong group of companies joining efforts in order to fully exploit the opportunities for developing the most optimal drives.