Second all-electric powerpack added to Rental fleet

HydrauPack 1500E

Hydrauvision Rental has added a second all-electric powerpack to its fleet. The HydrauPack 1500E is a compact electric driven hydraulic power pack which has a small footprint in relation to the installed power output. This powerpack is available for rental and for sale.
The HP1500 E has a main power of 6 x 267 kW (@ 115% safe overload) 440V-60Hz, with a combined hydraulic output of approximately 1600 kW.

This powerpack consists of six pump-motorcombinations. This means that the hydraulic output is automatically adjusted depending on the required power by switching the motors on and off. This way, the energy consumption is minimized. The six units are divided into two systems of three pumps, with one hydraulic tank, whereby each system is equipped with its own coolers and connectors. The total flow can be combined, or it can be operated as two separate power systems. 

Of course, this new HP1500E is executed in the new Rental style.
Watch the video below for a full image of the powerpack.

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