Umbilical Winch

The hydraulic HydrauWinch Umbilical is designed to carry an umbilical. The standard swivel joint has a maximum of 8 hydraulic lines of 1 1/2″. The type, size and quantity of the umbilical lines depends on the swivel joint. It is possible to mount a project specific swivel joint. The allowable bending radius of the umbilical should be less than approx. 1150 mm.

The HydrauWinch Umbilical is suitable for transportation by means of a forklift truck or to be lifted by crane. Therefore the unit is provided with an Offshore-certified lifting frame according to to DNVGL-ST-E273 and integrated forklift pockets.

The winch is a unit that has no dedicated hydraulic power pack to drive the winch motor. Specifications and installation is to be executed in cooperation with Hydrauvision Rental.


  • Drum diameter of 2300 mm (ungrooved)
  • Comes with 8 fold 1-1/2″ BSP swivel
  • Provided with ladder to enter rooftop
  • Spooled with pre-tension
  • Max pulling force 1st layer 50kN
  • Max cable speed 25 m/min
  • Wired or wireless remote control