HydrauSupport 70C

Cooler 70C
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The HydrauSupport 70C is an electric driven cooling unit, fitted with a 5,5 kW electric motor.

The HydrauSupport 70C can be used to cool down a hydraulic system with a maximum cooling capacity of ≈ 73 kW at a temperature difference of 40°C and an oil flow of 300 liter/min. The HydrauSupport 70C must be placed in the return line of the hydraulic system. Also a separate circulation pump of the hydraulic system can be used to circulate the hydraulic flow through the cooler.

The HydrauSupport 70C is provided with a temperature controlled frequency drive. The higher the inlet oil temperature, the higher the fan speed. At an inlet temperature less than 40°C , the fan is in standstill, at a temperature range of 40°C up to 50°C the fan speed increases from 30% to 100%.

The system is designed to be robust and reliable. The HydrauSupport 70C is mounted in a box frame provided with lifting lugs and integrated forklift-trays to ensure easy handling.


Temperature controlled fan speed.
Easy to change temperature set point.
Piping connection for in-line cooling.
Possibility to use in combination with a HydrauSupport or HydrauPack.