HydrauSupport 15F

HydrauSupport 15F
Filtration unit
Max Q
Max P
Light weight mobile

The HydrauSupport 15F is an easy to handle mobile replenishing / filtration unit. Because of the light weight is and small dimensions is perfect to place it in tight spaces or near your work space. The HydrauSupport 15F can be used for versatile jobs e.g. pumping from or to oil barrels, diesel fuel tanks, oil carters or hydraulic oil tanks. Different type of filter grade elements can be mounted to achieve the correct cleanliness.

Hydraulic filtration unit with an electric pump drive of 0,18 kW. The unit has a suction strainer and a spin-on pressure filter which can be easily cleaned and changed. The HydrauSupport 15F has a constant flow output of 15 liters per minute. The maximum pressure is limited by an internal pressure relief valve of 3,5 bar.


- Filtration with wide range of filtration grades of 3, 5, 10, 20 micron are available on request.
- Easy handling, light weight
- Visual clogging indicator.
- Manually actuated motor protective circuit breaker for start/stop pump.