HydrauTool Hydraulic Tester 3200-350

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Hydraulic Tester 3200-350
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Linkable, logging by client device

There are many hydraulic flow testers in the market which hydraulic specialists use to test their hydraulic equipment. Due to the market demands a growth of hydraulic power and therefore also larger powerpacks, many face the problem how to test these powerpacks and other large hydraulic systems. Hydrauvision Rental has developed a solution to fill this gap.

The HydrauTool Hydraulic Tester 3200-350 is a hydraulic test device to test hydraulic powerpacks or systems up to a max. flow of 3200 l/min. In case the flow capacity is larger than 3200 l/min., more flow testers can be coupled/combined by doubling, tripling or more units together (in theory infinite) to increase the flow capacity. In this case you won’t be held back by flow limitations of the tester. A pilot operated proportional pressure relief valve creates a pressure load. The valve can be operated by the operator on a safe distance by operating a potentiometer on a remote control.

The hydraulic tester measure flow, pressure and temperature. The signals can be put in every client specific logging device with the correct input ports.

The hydraulic connections are divided in 4 in- and output connections. Extra pressure measuring points and a drain connection are available.


- Almost unlimited flow capacity by coupling more testers together
- Remote control box for operating the load valve on a safe distance
- Connections for free of choice logging device by Renter
- Fork lift pockets
- Lifting points