HydrauSupport 2000FS

HydrauSupport 2000FS
Flush Unit
Max Q
Max P
20ft container, 50Hz/60Hz

Electric-driven Flushing Unit with a main power of 6x 55 kW @ 400VAC-50Hz or 6x 65kW @ 440VAC-60Hz.

The HydrauSupport 2000FS can be combined with one or more other HydrauSupport 2000FS units in order to obtain a higher flushing flow. The oil tanks are interconnected to equally divide the return flow.

The HydrauSupport 2000FS is certified by Lloyd's Register and provided with both lifting lugs and integrated forklift-trays to ensure easy handling.


- Fully separated flushing outputs ( 2 times 972 l/min or 1164 l/min)
- Switchable pumps to obtain the most suitable flushing flow
- Reversible flushing flow by a flick of a switch (A>B or B>A)
- Interconnectable HydrauSupport 2000FS units, total flow 3.880 / 4.650 l/min
- Off line cooling and / or heating circuit to obtain maximum flushing efficiency
- 2 pcs independent high accuracy turbine flow meters
- 2 pcs particle counters including on-line indication and data logging
- Air compressor and 300 liter air tanks to empty the flushed lines
- Noise reduction panels, louvers and access doors
- Separated control room including panels, controls and data logging