HydrauSupport 1200F+

HydrauSupport 1200FS+
Filtration Unit
Max Q
Max P

Hydraulic filtration unit with an electric frequency pump drive and a second stationary pump drive. Both pump drives with an output of 22 kW. Specific engineered with superior contamination control by Pall Ultipleat SRT filter design. Each pump has its own filtration set or parallel selection is possible if one pump is in operation.

The HydrauSupport 1200F has a controllable flow output from 120 up to 600 liters per minute or from 720 up to 1200 liters per minute. The maximum pressure is 15 bar.

The HydrauSupport 1200F is Lloyd’s Register certified according D.N.V. rules 2.7-3 and EN12079 and provided with both 4 lifting points and integrated forklift-trays to ensure easy handling.


- Open hydraulic circuit.
- High capacity filtration (Pall) with wide range of filtration grades of 3, 5, 7, 12 and 22 micron are available on request.
- Filter design minimizes static charge generation and electrostatic discharge.
- Flow controlled main pump set.
- Minimess connections for mobile electronic particle counter.
- Electric main control cabinet with manual revolution control, display, clogging indicator and emergency stop.