HydrauSupport 1100FS

HydrauSupport 1100FS
Flush Unit
Max Q
Max P
10ft container

The HydrauSupport 1100FS is an electric driven Flushing System for flushing hydraulic systems. It is equipped with two pump sets and has a total power output of 90 kW. Maximum output flow is 1100 l/min. Maximum output pressure is 135 bar. The unit is fitted in a standard 10 feet container.

The HydrauSupport 1100FS can be used either to flush complete hydraulic systems or to flush pipes and flexibles. The 2 pumps can be used separately in order to obtain different flows.

The HydrauSupport 1100FS is provided with filtration in the return line. The filters have a clogging indicator with automatic warning. When a filter is clogged without notice, the Flushing System is protected with a by-pass line. In the return line a mini-mess is fitted that can be used to connect a particle counter in order to monitor the oil cleanliness. A flow gauge is mounted for indication of the actual flow.

The HydrauSupport 1100FS is provided with an air system to remove most of the oil after flushing.


Filter ratings on request, from 3 to 20 micron.
Unit can be used for different flow rates.
Filters can be used separate or together.
Maximum pressure up to 135 bar.
Air compressor with external connection.