HydrauSupport 250C DNV

HydrauSupport 250C DNC
250C DNV
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DNV 2.7-1 frame

The HydrauSupport 250C is an electric driven cooling unit, fitted with a 7,5 kW frequency drive fan.

The HydrauSupport 250C can be used to cool down a hydraulic system with a maximum cooling capacity of 250 kW. If no sufficient oil flow is available, the HydrauSupport 250C has also the possibility to use an oil circulation pump with an output flow of 460 liter/min. This integrated device gives the HydrauSupport 250C a maximum cooling capacity of 225 kW.

The HydrauSupport 250C is provided with a temperature controlled frequency drive. The higher the inlet oil temperature, the higher the fan speed.

This system is assembled in a Lloyd’s Register certified box frame with the dimensions of a 5 ft. container and according DNV 2.7-3 and EN 12079. Together with 1 or 2 HydrauPack 200 units and with the HydrauFrame lift and loading frames it can be modular assembled as one package.

The box frame is provided with both 4 lifting points and integrated forklift-trays to ensure easy handling.


-Temperature controlled fan speed
- Easy to change temperature set point
- Integrated circulation pump for off-line cooling
- Piping connections for in-line cooling
- Offshore certified box frame and rigging acc. DNV 2.7-3 and EN 12079
- Possibility to use in combination with a HydrauSupport or HydrauPack unit
- Storage for connection hoses