HydrauTool SD 25/50

HydrauTool SD 25/50
Spooling Device for winches
SD 25/50
Autonomous spooling device/level winder for universal use. Max. drum width winch: 1200 mm - Max. capacity: 50 mT on 30 degrees angle.

The HydrauTool Spooling Device 25/50 is a spooler for guiding of wires, cables, hoses or other flexible lines on winch drums. This spooler unit is specially designed for the HydrauRent HydrauWinch 25 and HydrauWinch 50. But also suitable for all other kinds of winches with a maximum line pull up to 50 tons and a maximum drum width of 1100 mm.

The spooler unit can be operated manually or automatically and is including a remote control box. In automatic mode the spooler will correct the fleet angle when it exceeds the nominal range. The working direction will be automatic reversed when reaching the end of the stroke. In manual mode the remote control box is equipped with a joystick for manual proportional operation. Main control cabinet or remote control box are equipped with indicator lights including an alarm light for exceeding maximum work angle.

The HydrauTool Spooling Device 25/50 is robust assembled in a box frame provided with both 4 lifting points and integrated forklift-trays to ensure easy handling.


- Automatic proportional control for hydraulic spindle drive
- Remote control with manual joystick operation, including emergency stop
- Electric main control cabinet with main switch, selector switch, indicators, reset, alarm work angle exceeded and emergency stop.
- Open hydraulic circuit