HydrauTool PC Hydac FCU 1310

HydrauTool PC Hydac FCU 1310
Particle counter
PC Hydac FCU 1310
Max P
Max. Q: 30-300 ml/min. Easy use, calibrated

The HydrauTool PC HYDAC FCU 1310 is a portable service unit for hydraulic systems for intermittent measurement of the particulate contamination, the moisture content in % saturation and the temperature of the fluid.

The integral pump and hoses supplied can be used on:

• Control circuits
• Pressure circuits
• non-pressurized tanks

Applications for the FCU include the servicing and repair of mobile hydraulic systems. The internal data memory enables measurements to be recorded together with a time-stamp. The USB interface can be used to copy all measurements to a USB memory stick, for subsequent evaluation on a PC using Excel or the fluid monitoring software FluMoS Light.

Applicable for hydraulic fluids (up to ISO VG 68) 10 … 350 mm²/s / Automatic measurement and display of cleanliness ratings in accordance with:

  • ISO 4406:1987; NAS 1638
  • ISO 4406:1999; SAE AS 4059 (D)

Measurement accuracy +/- ½ ISO code in the calibrated range.


- Calibrated particle counter
- Integrated pump for the automatic control of oil flow