• Mobile
  • Netherlands
  • February 2019

Selective asparagus harvesting robot

AvL Motion B.V. has developed an innovative selective asparagus harvesting robot to take over the intensive labour required to harvest asparagus. Hydrauvision supplies the hydraulic system, including components.

About the Project

Once the location of the asparagus has been determined precisely, a harvest module cuts the asparagus to the required length. The asparagus is then plucked from the soil using special grabbers. This way, one single harvesting action takes just a fraction of the time of a traditional harvesting action. Modern technology drives the harvesting machine at a constant speed while the asparagus is being harvested. All without damaging the asparagus. Hydrauvision designed the hydraulic system for this asparagus harvesting machine, supplied the related components, and is responsible for the functioning of the hydraulic system.

About our Solution

The hydraulic capacity is delivered by two Danfoss pumps. Danfoss PVG valves ensure precise control of the different functions, including the machine's drivetrain. Due to the accuracy of the valves, it is possible to drive the machine forward at a constant speed of 1 m/s independently of other hydraulic functions. The height control of the harvesting frame is regulated by a precise and fast control unit fitted with three proportional valves. For the conditioning of the system, filters and a cooler have been used. Hydrauvision has also improved and modified the existing hydraulic tank.

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