• Civil
  • November 2018

New sea lock IJmuiden

A new, larger sea lock is being built at the entrance of the North Sea Canal near IJmuiden to provide access to the Amsterdam port area. The new sea lock is 500 metres in length, 70 meters in width and has a depth of 18 metres, making it the world’s largest sea lock. Construction was started in January 2016, and the new sea lock will be ready for use by ships in early 2022. Hydrauvision also contributes to this enormous project.

About the Project

The installation of the lock gate chambers is an important part of the project. The two chambers the gates will roll into when ships pass through the locks will be installed with the help of caissons. A caisson is a concrete construction that is lowered by digging out the soil below the construction. This work takes incredible precision, since the gates of the sea lock will be attached to these at a later stage. The lock gates have a height similar to a 6-storey apartment building.

About our Solution

In order to ensure the caissons of the new sea lock end up in the right place, four DOP pumps are deployed to dig out the soil below the caisson. These DOP pumps are powered by four power packs built by Hycos (part of the Hydrauvision Group). The Hydrauvision location in IJmuiden performs maintenance on these power packs during the digging process.

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