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  • Maleisië
  • May 2016

Hydraulic Hammer Umbilical Winch Spread

To install offshore platforms, foundation or mooring piles are driven into the sea floor. These piles are installed with a hydraulic hammer at water depths of up to 1,500 meters or more. Hydrauvision is in charge of the engineering and production of a set of winches for storing the hydraulic hoses, control cable and compressed air connector for this hammer. The set consists of 2 electric hydraulic winches for storing 500 meters of 4" flexible piping and 2 winches for storing the control cable and compressed air hose.

About the Project

In this project, 8 foundation piles were installed to anchor a Tension Leg Platform at a water depth of 540 meters.

About our Solution

Hydrauvision Systems designed and built two winches with a total end weight of 120 tons each. The support winches are designed to fit into a 20-foot HC container, including the HPU. Our knowledge of hydraulics and controls enabled us to create a design in which the individual winches can be operated at equal speed by means of a central control panel. This means that the winches are fully synchronized. The winches and container are built in conformity with the latest offshore requirements: DNV Standard 2.7-3 Portable Offshore Units, DNV Standard 2.7-1 Offshore Containers, Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment and CSC. Hydrauvision Services assisted with the operation of the set during the client's first project. HydrauRent provided the hydraulic capacity for the hydraulic hammer the client used in its first project. 2 HydrauPacks 500+ were used for this purpose. A control loop for the oil flow to the hammer was also specifically designed for this project.

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