• Industries
  • Belgium
  • July 2016

Air cooler system

One of the largest producers of steel awarded the contract to Hydrauvision halfway through 2016 to design, build and install an oil/air cooler system. This replaces the existing oil/water cooler system for the hydraulic servo-drive of the bending roll. The required cooler capacity was set at 250 kW at a temperature difference between the oil entry and the air entry of only 12 °C with an oil flow of 1200 l/minute.

About the Project

The new oil/air cooler system was to be used by a location of the largest producer of steel in the world. 

About our Solution

Hydrauvision designed a skid with five oil/air coolers installed in parallel. The coolers are connected through stainless steel pipework (MIP). They are realised by Hydrauvision Piping. The required fittings are also provided in the pipework such as check valves, a safety valve and bellow-seal compensators. Hydrauvision proved its additional value because of the intensive collaboration between Systems and Piping. This means that we could present an innovative design and further develop and build it quickly. 

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