Hydrauvision introduces new powerpack

Hydrauvision HydrauRent HydrauPack 1500E

The HydrauPack 1500E is a compact electrical-hydraulic driven powerpack with a small footprint in relation with the installed hydraulic power.

The powerpack contains six times a pump and motor combination which gives the opportunity to regulate the actual required power by turning on and off the electrical motors. The 6 motor pump combinations are divided in 2 separate systems of 3 pumps with their own coolers and connections. The total flow can be combined, but also 2 separate systems can be driven, independed from each other. The manifold is prepared with double set of connections to make it easy to operate 2 separate systems at the same time. Another advantage is the possibility to have a redundant system if only 1 set of 3 pumps is used.

The unit can be coupled with several other units to reach a higher flow and with the hydraulic tanks have coupling plates for connecting the levelling hoses the connected units operate like one powerpack.

An interesting feature is also the advanced operating system integration with existing system of customers it is easy and gives the opportunity for data analysis and optimisation of the use of the hydraulic powerpack in combination of the system of the customer.

This high capacity powerpack has no exhausts, so no smoking diesel is on deck and with less noise production a better and cleaner solution for future projects with increasing demand for hydraulic power.

The HydrauPack 1500E is available for rent or buy and is the future for an efficient, greener and cleaner solution on deck when systems required high energy consumption.  

Maintenance is easy due to the several doors in the unit, each motor pump combination can be removed and mounted very quick from the outside. Due to this small footprint, it can be placed on almost every vessel, lifted on board safely with its DNV 2.7-1 frame. With CSC certification it can be shipped with commercial vessel transport all over the world. The unit has a large cooling capacity of almost half of the maximum power which ensures enough cooling capacity in severe and hot circumstances all over the world.

The HydrauPack 1500E has the following characteristics:

  • Small foot print for 1500kW
  • Environmental friendly, less noise
  • DNV frame, CNC container
  • Easy maintenance/accessible from the outside
  • Less maintenance compared to diesel driven system
  • Integration with existing systems/software
  • Electrical driven, no exhaust
  • Can be driven by the vessel, no extra fuel tanks required